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spoiler zexal chapter 3

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PostSubyek: spoiler zexal chapter 3 Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:45 pm

Episode 57: The Fiery Fist of Awakening! The Time of Alito's Revival
Airdate: November 17th, 2013
Yuma, guided by the hopes, thoughts and feelings of his friends who risked their lives for him, heads to the Barian World to defeat Astral's archnemesis, Don Thousand. But along the way, he gets forced into another Duel with the former zealous Duelist, Alito, who was once his friend! But instead of the Alito he knew before, the one standing before him has a face twisted by evil, as if possessed by someone, something, else. In order to bring Alito back to the guy he was once before, Yuma faces off against him in a Duel!
Episode Writer: Yoshida Shin

Episode 58: Vector's Scorn: The Sundered Seven Emperors!!
Airdate: November 24th, 2013
As Yuma tries to rush to the Barian World, Vector, Durbe and Merag face-off in the Barian World. Having absorbed Number 96 into himself, Vector's gained even greater evil powers, and now plans to defeat the two of them and steal their power for his own! And a hidden shocking truth about Merag and the captured Nasch finally is revealed...!
Episode Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 59: My Body as a Shield! Durbe's Final Vow!
Airdate: December 8th, 2013
Due to what Vector says, Durbe and Merag's rage reaches their limit! While they throw their everything at Vector, ready to die if it means taking him down, they're shocked even further when they're savagely attacked by the power of the Continuous Spell Card "Don Thousand's Throne"! On the other hand, Alito, who finally regained his memories, goes to save his brainwashed buddy, Girag, with "Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu" at his side, and challenges Girag to a Duel.
Episode Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 60: Goodbye is a Moment... The Sad Fate of the Brother and Sister
Airdate: December 15th, 2013
Alito has lost his powers as a Barian, but his hot-blooded heart pushes him to bring Girag back to the man he used to be, as they wage a desperate battle. Yuma finds himself in awe at their battle, as Alito impresses him with his true Duelist Soul that drives him to sacrifice everything to get back his friend. Meanwhile, Kaito has left for the moon to find the key to the "Numeron Code", and ends up facing Mizael who also uses a "Galaxy-Eyes", and they learn the true origin of the two "Galaxy-Eyes"...!
Episode Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 61: The Revived Dragon Emperor Legend!! "Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon"
Airdate: December 22nd, 2013
The two "Galaxy-Eyes" users, Kaito and Mizael face-off on the Moon. The two "Galaxy-Eyes" emit surging waves of light, as their roars howl, as the two Duelists have an incredible back-and-forth Duel! Kaito, following the past Jinlong talked about and the legend of the ruins, creates a brand-new "Galaxy-Eyes"! As Kaito's new "Galaxy-Eyes" and Mizael's "Tachyon Dragon" confront one another... ...Can the world truly be led down the path towards hope... ... ...?
Episode Writer: Yoshida Shin

Episode 62: The Future is in My Hand! The End of the Galaxy Showdown!!
Airdate: December 29th, 2013
The Duel between Kaito and Mizael intensifiess. Kaito finds him in dire straits as he loses the support of Orbital 7. In order to fulfill his destiny, he stands up to Mizael, despite the countless wounds over his body. However, when Mizael uses the overwhelming effect of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", he finds himself pushed to the edge of his limits...! As the various thoughts and desires of Mizael and Kaito clash, the true "Dragon Tamer" is about to be born!!
Episode Writer: Yoshida Shin

Episode 63: Sinister Memories! Nasch vs Vector the Devil!!
Airdate: January 1st, 1950
Having absorbed Durbe and Merag's power, Vector gains terrifying power. He sets his sights on Nasch next, as Nasch burns with rage from having lost his sister Merag. Nasch immediately accepts Vector's challenge to a Duel, but ends up in a troubling situation due to Vector's cheating ways... ... But then both of their remaining hidden true memories begin to reawaken...!?
Episode Writer: Hirota Mitsutaka

TELAT nih  ?  ane ngepostnya by igniel

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PostSubyek: Re: spoiler zexal chapter 3 Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:40 am

Nais inpoh bang igniel555, bagi penggemar anime zexal pasti tau semuanya tentang ini  Cool 
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spoiler zexal chapter 3

On Time

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Semangat Pagi!!

Sebelumnya perkenalkan saya robot YFI, Saya disini bertugas untuk menjaga forum disetiap topiknya :D
Dan sebelumnya saya ingin bertanya, bagaimana kabarnya agan dan sista disana? pasti selalu semangat dalam menjalankan aktivitasnya bukan? yeah, of course ^^

Kami disini hanya ingin memberitahukan saja, agan dan sista Jangan malu-malu untuk bermain diforum ya.
Jika tidak ada yang dimenegerti cara posting memposting diforum atau cara otak-atik forum, contoh: mengganti foto avatar, dll. Semua itu agan dan sista boleh menanyakan kepada kami, pasti kami akan menjawabnya.
Dan jika agan atau sista ada yang tidak suka dengan forum YFI silahkan dikomen atau dikritik. Pastinya kami akan mencoba memperbaikinya, supaya forum YFI bisa terasa nyaman dan bermanfaat untuk kita bersama-sama.
Karena kami membuat forum YFI bukan untuk kepentingan pribadi kami. Tidak ada untungnya membuat dengan tujuan seperti itu, karena kami membuat forum secara sukarela & iklhas.
Dan sampai saat ini kami forum YFI mohon maaf jika tidak bisa memberikan yang terbaik kepada agan dan sista semuanya, semua itu karena keterbatasan yang kami punya. Maklum ya, namanya juga manusia tidak ada yang sempurna, yang ada malah penuh dengan keterbatasan :D

Ok, sampai disini dulu ya, jangan malu-malu lagi untuk bermain diforum.
Keep Respect and Have Fun ^_^
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