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PostSubyek: SPOILER ZEXAL ANIME chapter 2 Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:42 am

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode spoilers

Episode 124 October 6th, 2013
“The Seven Barian Emperors”, the Warriors of the Crimson World!! 「バリアン七皇」 紅き世界の戦士!! “Barian Shichi Kou” Akaki Sekai no Senshi!!
The seven Barian emperors finally appear together before Yuma and his friends. Standing beside Vector, Durbe and the rest are Rio and Ryouga, who once fought by Yuma and the gang’s side as friends. Yuma, confused by the sight in front of him, desperately pleads with Ryouga, but he is no long the Ryouga he knew before, no, now Nasch, one of the Seven emperors, stands before him. When Yuma’s key resonates with Shark’s pendant, Yuma sees Ryouga’s memories of his past life, and ends up fainting from the sheer shock! In order to protect Yuma and his friends, who are forced to retreated, several Duelists they fought in the past come together before the emperors…!! And in front of Ryouga, now “Nasch”, stands his rival, IV!
Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 125 October 13th, 2013
The Immortal Lancer, Silent Honor’s Dark Knight
不死身の槍術士 S・H・Dark Knight Fujimi no Soujyutsushi Sairento Onaazu Daaku Naito
Nasch supplies the Seven Emperors with the trump card of the Barians: “The Seventh One”. With this trump card, armed with the most meancing effect yet, the Seven Barian Emperors mount a full-scale battle against IV and the rest! IV’s group find themselves overwhelmed by the Emperors’ combined strength, but they all decide to use their full strength to protect Yuma and try and bring Ryouga back. IV, armed with his own trump card given to him by V, unleashes a strategy to bring down Nasch…!
Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 126 October 20th, 2013
Farewell My Friend…Feelings Fallen into the Void!!
さらば友よ… 虚空へ散る想い!! Saraba Tomo yo… Kokuu-he Chiru Omoi!!
While IV and Nasch’s heated duel comes to a close, Yuma and co. arrive at the Secret Base. Yuma finds himself deeply troubled by his friends ’ decision to risk their lives to protect him. However, because Ryouga has revived as Nasch, leader of the Seven Barian Emperors, he doesn’t have any time to get sentimental. In a critical situation, with the seven Barian Emperors on their heels, Yuma makes up his mind to fight, and raises the curtain on the final decisive battle…!!
Writer: Zappa Gou

Episode 127 October 27, 2013
The Unflinching Brotherly Tag-Team: Tachyon Dragon Imprisoned!!
不屈の兄弟コンボ 時空竜幽閉!! Fukutsu no Kyoudai Konbo Takion Doragon Yuuhei!
Clouds begin to gather over Heartland City, as if to signal the end of the world. The onslaught of the Barians continues to intensify, and as the Obots cause a system error, all signs of life vanish from the city. In order to end this state of emergency, Yuma and Astral head to the Barian World itself! Meanwhile, Mizael, who is in pursuit of Yuma and Kaito, appears before III and V. III and V, who entrust the fate of the World to Yuma, challenge Mizael to a Duel in a desperate attempt to stall for time…!!
Writer: Hirota Mitsutaka

Episode 128 November 3rd, 2013
Farewell Tears… The Tyranny of Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon!!
別れの涙… 超銀河眼の時空龍の暴威!! Wakare no Namida… Neo Garakushii Aizu Takion Doragon no Boui!! )
III and V, who came up with a plan to seal the Barina Trump Card, “The Seventh One”, are able to steal Mizael’s ace monster, “Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon”! As well, V uses “Argent Chaos Force” to Rank-Up their Numbers one-after-another, pushing Mizael to the very limit!! However, when Mizael’s pride as a Dragon Tamer is damaged, he counters their attack with a new strategy…!

Episode 129 November 10, 2013
Yuma carries on the feelings of his friends and comrades who fought risking their own lives. In order to defeat his arch-nemesis, Don Thousand, he and Astral head to the Barian World itself. But in the way, Alito, the former passionate Duelist who fought Yuma time-and-time again, appears once again. However Alito no longer resembles his old self, but instead his face is one of pure evil, as if possessed by someone or something else! In order to return Alito to the Duelist he used to be, Yuma faces off against him in a Duel!
From NAC.


setan merah 


sumber: neo ark

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PostSubyek: Re: SPOILER ZEXAL ANIME chapter 2 Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:35 pm

pingin liat kartu NEO GETD :V

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Subject: Re:


On Time

Selamat Datang di Yugioh Forum Indonesia

1. Starter Guide: Panduan Topik Yugioh Forum Indonesia.
2. Support Desk: butuh bantuan? atau ada yang tidak dimengerti tentang forum silahkan ditanyakan disini.
3. Introduction: Tempat memperkenalkan diri agan/sista dapat dilakukan disini.
4. Exam Test: Semua informasi mengenai test dormitories dapat ditemukan disini.

Semangat Pagi!!

Sebelumnya perkenalkan saya robot YFI, Saya disini bertugas untuk menjaga forum disetiap topiknya :D
Dan sebelumnya saya ingin bertanya, bagaimana kabarnya agan dan sista disana? pasti selalu semangat dalam menjalankan aktivitasnya bukan? yeah, of course ^^

Kami disini hanya ingin memberitahukan saja, agan dan sista Jangan malu-malu untuk bermain diforum ya.
Jika tidak ada yang dimenegerti cara posting memposting diforum atau cara otak-atik forum, contoh: mengganti foto avatar, dll. Semua itu agan dan sista boleh menanyakan kepada kami, pasti kami akan menjawabnya.
Dan jika agan atau sista ada yang tidak suka dengan forum YFI silahkan dikomen atau dikritik. Pastinya kami akan mencoba memperbaikinya, supaya forum YFI bisa terasa nyaman dan bermanfaat untuk kita bersama-sama.
Karena kami membuat forum YFI bukan untuk kepentingan pribadi kami. Tidak ada untungnya membuat dengan tujuan seperti itu, karena kami membuat forum secara sukarela & iklhas.
Dan sampai saat ini kami forum YFI mohon maaf jika tidak bisa memberikan yang terbaik kepada agan dan sista semuanya, semua itu karena keterbatasan yang kami punya. Maklum ya, namanya juga manusia tidak ada yang sempurna, yang ada malah penuh dengan keterbatasan :D

Ok, sampai disini dulu ya, jangan malu-malu lagi untuk bermain diforum.
Keep Respect and Have Fun ^_^
Yugioh Forum Indonesia


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